Career selection for Females using astrology

Are you looking for a career that will bring you success and satisfaction? Have you considered exploring the possibilities of astrology to help guide your career path? The Tenth House of your horoscope can provide valuable insights into the kind of career that would be best suited for you. Career selection for females using astrology , will guide you.

This house associated with a person’s public life, reputation, and professional achievements. It believed that the planet ruling this house will have a major influence on the kind of work an individual should pursue. By carefully analyzing this house, one can gain an understanding of what their ideal job may be.

The choice of profession for women using astrology / from the horoscope will have the same basis as for men. But due to the change in responsibilities after marriage. We need to review a woman’s career horoscope from a slightly different perspective. We need to expect a shift in their positions and dynamics of responsibilities after marriage. In Vedic astrology, occupation is determined by several factors, namely houses, planets, and signs.

Astrology has used for centuries to help people make decisions about their lives. It can be a powerful tool when used correctly. One of the areas where astrology is particularly useful is in helping people to understand their career paths. By looking at the first and tenth houses. Astrologers can gain insight into a person’s career potential and the best way to maximize it. The first house or its lord would represent the querent, while the tenth house or its lord would represent career opportunities. By analyzing these two houses, astrologers can better understand how a person’s career will progress over time. What steps they should take to ensure success.

Career Selection for Females

Aries: If you were born with an Aries ascendant, you are eligible to join the army, police, industry, and athletics.

Taurus: Taurus Ascendant Natives lean towards perfumes, luxury items, fancy jewelry, and fashion.

Gemini: The Gemini Ascendant will give you a business mindset and help find your career path in media, journalism, accounting.

Cancer: Cancer gives home interests. He gives original interest in cooking, nautical, acting and traveling.

The Lion: It is the royal sign, hence it directs the citizen towards government jobs and politics.

Virgo: Makes one adept at computing, astrology, medicine, and healing.

Libra: Native of Libra are good judges, artists, cosmetics retailers, and fashionistas.

Scorpio: Interest in the profession of magic, research analysis, medicine and insurance.

Sagittarius: deals with law, banking and finance. It gives extra interest in religion and entrepreneurial activities.

Capricorn: directs the energies of the natives towards the areas of communication, clothing and public relations.

Aquarius: includes the category of advisors, advisors and astrologers.

Pisces: Interested in working abroad, the navy, chemicals, and painting.

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