Face Reading astrology

Face reading astrology, also known as physiognomy, is a fascinating field that offers insights into an individual’s personality and traits simply by analyzing their facial features. Just like astrology, numerology, or palmistry, face reading astrology provides a unique perspective on understanding people.

Specialists in face reading astrology have the ability to decipher an individual’s fate by studying the contours of their face and other body parts. This ancient practice has been used for centuries to gain a deeper understanding of human nature and behavior.

By delving into the world of face reading astrology. You can unlock a whole new dimension of knowledge about yourself and others. The intricate details revealed through this practice can be truly eye-opening and offer profound insights into the mysteries of human existence.

Face shapes

Round Face: If you have a Round Face Shape, your personality traits reveal that you are a people person, kind, giving, generous, and helpful. You tend to keep others’ happiness above your own happiness. You find joy in being for a person in need.

Square Face: If you have a Square Face Shape, your personality traits reveal that you are highly energetic. You are analytical and quick-witted. You most probably are a calm and collected person, even in the most high-stress environments.

Oval Face: your personality traits reveal that you lead with a tendency to balance out things. You hate inflexibility. It like to either stay neutral or have your own opinions on things. You certainly are against fixated rules and regulations. You may show disinterest in following beliefs and norms set by society.

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