Identify the Color of Aura

Our aura is a reflection of our inner self and can be seen as a color surrounding our head and shoulders. It believed that the color of your aura can tell you something about your personality, emotions, and energy levels.

Finding out the color of your can done in various ways. One way to find out is to look at yourself in a mirror for approximately one minute and observe the colors surrounding your head and shoulders. Another way to find out is to stare at your hands for approximately one minute and observe what colors appear around them. By doing this, you will be able to get an insight into the state of your energy levels, emotions, and overall wellbeing.

Aura color and what they mean

Red: energetic and fiery
Orange: creative, action-oriented, and positive
Yellow: sunny, charismatic, and confident
Green: loving, compassionate, and nurturing
Pink: kind, caring, and loving
Blue: powerful, insightful, and flowing
Purple: intuitive and empathic
Indigo: sensitive and empathic
White: pure, wise, and spiritually connected
Black: tired and low
Rainbow: busy, energized, and confident

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